Getting around

Barcelona has a integrated public transport network and is easily the best way to get around the city. On week days the metro runs from 5 am until midnight. The service is extended until 2 am on Friday nights and the eve of public holidays and all night on Saturday.


The timetable for buses varies, but there is also a night bus service. The tram system is more limited, but is modern and allows you to travel between Vila Olímpica and Badalona and along Avinguda Diagonal between Francesc Macià and the west of Barcelona

Multi-use tickets are available at metro stations. The T-10 travel card allows ten trips on metro, bus or tram, but any changes you make within a 75 minute time frame, for example from metro to bus, will be counted as a single trip. And one T-10 card can be shared between two or more people, you don’t each need one.

If you travel with a T-10 on the bus or tram you’ll need to validate your ticket. You do this by inserting the ticket into the machines located in various places on the buses, once for each person travelling on the ticket. If you don’t have a valid ticket you can buy one from the driver.

Taxis are fairly cheap too, but there seems to be a culture among many taxi drivers about not wanting to pro-actively find business. One enterprising taxi driver spoken to specialises in waiting outside concert venues. She has an easy client base and almost no competition.

But all too often there is no taxi anywhere in sight. But if you arrive at Sants station there are plenty of taxi drivers who queue for hours to wait until it is their turn at the front of the taxi queue. The story is the same at the airport.

Surely they realise that they could actually work fewer hours by finding other places where people are looking for taxis.