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Catalunya has a language of its own, spoken throughout Catalunya, Andorra and in the city of Alghuer in Sardinia. Banned during the dark days of Franco, the language is enjoying a renaissance and is widely spoken in the region. Catalan shares the status of official language of the region with Castilian Spanish and almost all official signs will be displayed in the two languages. Below are a number of everyday phrases shown in English, Catalan and Castilian.

English Catalan Castilian
Hello Hola Hola
Goodbye Adéu Adiós
No No No
Thanks Gràcies Gracias
Many thanks Moltes gràcies Muchas Gracias
You're welcome De res De nada
Please Sisplau Por favor
Good morning Bon dia Buenos días
Good afternoon Bona tarda Buenas tardes
Good evening Bon vespre Buenas noches
Goodnight Bona nit Buenas noches
How are you? Com estàs? ¿Como estás?
Very well Molt bé Muy bien

The only way to learn a language is though hard work. But you'll find that the more time you devote to it, the better your understanding will become and more progressive language tuition has moved away from the verb charts you may remember from learning a language at school.


Spanish language resources

Puerta del Sol audiomagazine

Produced entirely in Spanish-speaking countries by professional broadcasters and journalists, each bimonthly audiomagazine (6 issues a year) consists of an hour-long programme in Spanish on audio cassette or CD packed with news, features, and interviews reflecting what's going on in Spain.

A booklet containing a word-for-word transcript and an extensive glossary accompanies the audio component. In addition to translations into English of difficult words and phrases, the glossaries contain extensive biographical, historical, political, and cultural notes prepared by experienced editors-many of whom also write for some of the world's most prestigious newspapers and magazines. An optional study supplement with listening exercises and grammar drills is also available in each issue.
Order from the Puerta del Sol website


Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook

The Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook features a comprehensive list of phrases in Castilian useful for everyday encounters and also includes short sections on Catalan, Basque and Galician. Some simply phrases are shown below in English, Catalan and Castilian.



Linguaphone is the world leader in self study language learning, with over 500 courses in every format (CD, cassette, CD ROM, book and online) including the world's first online French and Spanish courses.

Linguaphone claim to have helped over 7 million people speak a new language using the method of Listen, Understand, Speak.
Go to the Linguaphone website


Simply Learn Spanish

A website dedicated to helping you to learn Spanish.




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